Monday, November 11, 2013

Benchmarking Leadership

  What is Leadership? What goes into making of a good leader? Learn here how you can explore your inner strengths; and discover the secrets of becoming an effective leader. Everything is laid bare here... Read on and find out what is Benchmarking Leadership.
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 Every individual is the creator of his own destiny. All the resources, strengths and succor he needs are within him. Organizing and restructuring them to scale new heights is the most difficult task. Very few have the acumen and skills to do so. 

  Not many are cutout for this task, which is why most people, lay desolate with their talents, strengths and resources. They are lost in the wilderness of obscurity. Leadership is an attitude to life and manifests itself in every task that one undertakes in his day to day life. 

 Hence, one need to effectively organize his resources to achieve optimum results in what he does. And this gigantic task of restructuring resources falls under the domain of Human Resource Development. As a result every company and individual has to focus on this aspect of Human Resources Development and capitalize on it to maximize their productivity.

 The most critical component of a person is his ability to dream and envision the future for him and his people. He should be courageous to surmount challenges, build confidence and trust among his people. 

  He should create paradigms for growth in a competitive environment. He should be able to build teams and motivate them to accomplish the impossible with spectacular results.

 On their way to becoming effective, people should learn through uncomfortable situations by adapting analytical techniques with a commitment to introspection and self-development. This is only possible through Action Learning. 

  Yes, learning is an ongoing process. We should strive to learn the learning abilities to learn. Action Learning is nothing but adapting ourselves to the changing scenarios in the backdrop of advancing technologies, without compromising our principles, ethics and values.


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