Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whatever happens happens to our own good !

  Life if beautiful. Make the most out of it. Stop worrying and Start Living Happily. Here is an open secret to your complete happiness. 

  All the Holy Scriptures like Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Koran and the Vedas say that one should always be happy.   If anything bad or sad befalls us never feel sad. Take it in your stride.  And think whatever happens… happens to our own good !!  And learn a lesson from it.

  Only then you will achieve success and prosperity in your life.  This is the true moral philosophy ! And here is a story that is best proved why we should believe in this moral philosophy !  
The King Showing his cut finger
The Minister Consoling
  Once upon a time there lived a king. The king was very kind and ruled his people very well.  One day he was cutting an apple with the knife and accidentally cut his finger.  The king cried aloud and the minister came running and saw that the king has cut his finger. 

  The minister tying a cloth to the king’s finger said, “Dear king, don’t worry, whatever happened happened to your own good.  So be happy and thank your luck and thank the Gods”

  The king got very angry and said, “What nonsense you are talking. The blood is coming out.  I am crying in pain. You say this is for my own good. You are a big fool.  I will throw you in jail”.  Shouting thus, the king got his minister thrown in jail.  The minister smiled and said aloud, “Whatever happened happened to my own good !  Thank God !!”

  But one fine morning the fat king went alone for hunting in the forest. There were no guards no ministers with him.  He soon lost his way in the forest and landed in an enemy’s tribal kingdom. 

The Elated Tribal Chief
The King was Caught
  Suddenly the tribal king and his soldiers rounded up the king and tied him to a tree. The tribal soldiers then drank and danced around the king and shouted, “Let  this king be sacrificed to our Gods”. Shouting thus, they all prepared the king  for the big sacrifice.
  The king was sad as there was no  minister with him to advise how to escape. He was weeping with tears  running down his eyes.

  The tribal king and the priest came to inspect the king and saw that the king had a bandage on his finger.

  The priest then said to the tribal king, “Sir, this king has already cut his finger and the blood has already come out of him.  But for our gods we need fresh blood and a whole body without any cuts. Therefore, this king is unfit to be sacrificed and let him go back to his people.”  The tribal king agreed and set the king free.

  The king got back to his kingdom and related the story to his minister who was in jail.  The minister then smiled and said, “See I told you that whatever happens happens to our own good ! 

  On that day you cut your finger and today it saved your life !  And when you put me in jail it also saved my life !”  The minister said smiling.

  The king was surprised and asked, “How’s that !”

  The minister replied, “See, wherever you go I have to be with you.  But on that day I was in jail.  So I did not come with you.  If I had come with you, the tribal king would have sacrificed me because my body was whole and no cuts on me. This way I too was saved !

  You cutting your finger and me going to jail both happened to our own good!  That is what I believed.  And this is the moral philosophy that everyone should believe… “whatever happens happens to our own good !”

  If we strongly believe in this moral philosophy we will really stop worrying and make our lives more happier and happier… for ever and ever !

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