Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Make it Big in Indian Politics

  This human interest article will enlighten you on the secret of making it big in Indian politics. It speaks of current trend in Indian politics and does not intend to hurt anyone.

  Come elections and the society is bubbled with hectic activity with all the leaders – well-entrenched Delhi leaders to self-styled gully leaders vying with each other to try their luck at the hustings. For elections has become a thriving business thus!

  One such person a friend of mine, an unemployed engineering graduate became a gully leader overnight to take a headlong plunge into politics. He gathered his cronies and pals and with them he moved into political circles with quick succession trying to throw his weight around.

  But just by being a gully leader won’t take him anywhere! Realizing thus, he sought my help to prepare the ground for him by wielding the influence I am having with, as a freelancer in the power corridors of Delhi! I did somewhat reluctantly and got a ticket for him.

  But then, I also persuaded him to reconsider his decision as politics means lots of money, goondaism and a war of nerves between unseeming rivals. And moreover, politics are the last resort for scoundrels and rogues; and that the winner is always a person with lots of luck. Saying thus, I tried to brainwash him, but he stonewalled me with his stubbornness to enter politics come what may.

  Grinning understandably he said, ‘Its not a bit of luck but a whole lot of it and to ensure that elusive luck let us go to an astrologer and find out what’s in store for us!’ concluded my friend.

  On that note, I lost all my senses and threw tantrums at him haranguing him how dime a dozen astrologers are thriving and making a fast buck by fooling around with people like him! I went on and on for an hour. He took everything in his stride like a veteran. Truly, he is having all the traits. And still grinning he said he was hell-bent on seeing one. I have nothing but to shrug my shoulders.

  So without much ado we located one – an old man with a considerable reputation for accurate predictions, but not so famous like Paul Octopus Baba! As a prelude to our queries, I questioned him the efficacy of astrology in the light of scientific revelations much to my friend’s chagrin!

  Picking up the gauntlet, the old man laughed a rueful smile. And then he unleashed his tongue reeling out the technical jargon trying his best to convince me how first astrology came into being.

  And like a ‘Time Traveler’ of  ‘Time Machine’ he took us back into the realm hitherto unknown touching the frontiers beyond millions of light years in just few hours with all the details pouring over us in bits and fragments about astrology. Is spite of its inconceivability to me, it was a touch√© for him. I kept quiet nodding my head now and then.

  Then my friend-turned-politico asked him about the chances of his success in the ensuing general elections and also the subsequent prospects of getting a ministerial berth in the cabinet.

  The astrologer laughed and nodded in negative. He said that his stars are at logger-heads with his fate under the tremendous influence of Shani Devatha; and to overcome this he suggested my friend propitiate Shani Goddess and worship Lord Hanuman, considered to be the Lord of all planets and stars supposedly ruling human life and then everything will be fine thenceforth! The old man assured in a confident tone.

  Then I questioned him the whereabouts of Lord Hanuman much to the bewilderment of both!. They stared at each other and then at me quizzically. I shot a parting glance and said ‘………’ sarcastically to which my friend gritted his teeth and swore under his breath!

  I said that in order to hog the limelight on a political firmament and to become a force to reckon with, try to get into the good books of political Lord Hanumans, who are sitting pretty in New Delhi, the nerve-center of power politics.

  These so-called political Hanumans become busy currying favors with their political masters and do all sorts of things to please their demigod-like masters. These so-called self-styled Hanumans are the ones who make or break the political careers of budding aspirants. So mustering up my guts I suggested to my friend to propitiate these self-styled political Hanumans at Delhi in order to make it big in politics. I concluded saying, this is the secret of success for anyone who wish to become a politician!!!


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