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How good is Junk Food for Children ?

  Are Junk Foods nutritional and good for health? What is Junk Food? What is good food? Which is the best diet? Decide yourself what good food is required for your children and the family.

  True to its name junk food is really junk food. The word 'junk' means trash, waste, and useless and any food which is not good for ones health is called junk food. Even street food when cooked in unhealthy conditions falls into the same bracket as junk food.

Pizza Burger
Kinds of Fast Food
  According to the doctors, the nutritionists and dieticians’ junk foods like burgers, pizzas, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fries, potato chips, hot chips, kachories, samosas, breakfast cereals, cakes, cookies, candy bars, lollies, soft drinks and many other fried foods and snacks are made of mostly Maida or All Purpose Flour, which isn’t good for health. 

  Junk foods have poor nutritional value and do not have enough vitamins, fiber and other nutritious elements. Junk foods contain high levels of salt, sugar, fat, Hydrogenated oils, sodium and artificial food colors, chemicals and dyes.

  These junk foods are tasty because they contain artificial flavours, but they are not good for health. All the doctors, diet experts and nutritionists advise people to stay away from junk foods. Because these junk foods cause many diseases like heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, dental problems and obesity and several kinds of allergies.    
  Some people argue that junk food is cooked with fresh vegetables like lettuce, cabbage & tomato, cheese, and fresh meat and how could they be termed as junk.

  Well, pizzas and burgers are made with Maida or All Purpose Flour; and cheese, butter, mayonnaise are used excessively in pizzas and burgers. Use of Maida or All Purpose Flour and excessive use of cheese, and butter and mayonnaise is not good for health.

  Any thing that is not good for health and devoid of nutritional values is considered as junk food.
Cutlet made of potatoes with spices
  Speaking of Indian junk food chaat, samosa,  kachori, pani puri,  cutlet, and bhelpuri are all made of Maida or All Purpose Flour. Oils, spices and artificial flavours are also used in excess which is not a healthy diet at all. 
  Even Chinese food sold in roadside stalls is junk as they contain high amount of flavor enhancer called Monosodium Glutamate, which is bad for health if taken in large quantities. Moreover, the roadside fast foods are not at all prepared in hygienic condition.

  These junk foods have become popular with everybody including children, teenagers and elders because firstly they are tasty, secondly they are available readymade at every shop or store, thirdly they have longer shelf life, fourthly they are either ready to cook or ready to eat. 

   These days, people do not have time to cook or prepare nutritious food at home since both the parents are employees. They just buy readymade junk foods from the stores in large quantities and put them in a refrigerator for days together; and later cook them in seconds or just eat them like that. 

  It is children that are more attracted to these fast foods or junk foods. The manufacturers of junk foods too try to attract children with their advertisements on television channels and in newspapers and magazines.

  Children should immediately stop taking these junk foods and be free from dreaded diseases. If children take fast foods regularly they grow old very soon and suffer from all kinds of diseases.

What is Good Diet ?
Eat Nutritious Food & Stay Healthy
  Then pray what is good diet? Mothers’ Recipes! Yes, Home-cooked foods prepared by mothers are good diet foods because they are full of nutritional values spiced up in love. 

  So therefore children should prefer mothers’ recipes only. Home-cooked foods are the best according to the dieticians and nutritionists. They opine that mothers know pretty well what good diet is and what good food is needed for their beloved ones and their loving kids.

  Yes, mothers use the freshest and the best of ingredients pepping them up with lots of love in preparing healthy diets for their loved ones. So therefore we all children including us elders need to eat what is cooked at home and thus stay healthy and live longer. 

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