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How Einstein was victimized by the Nobel Prize Committee

   Learn how eminent scientist Albert Einstein was belittled and snubbed by the Nobel Prize Committee. And how he was delayed the Nobel Prize in Physics. What went on behind the scenes? What happened? Why he was belittled? Here are the most interesting facts dug out from the history of Nobel Prizes.

Are Nobel Prize Judges the demigods or mere men with frailties?
  Every year, the Nobel Prizes are awarded. But it generates a lot of hype. Is it because the laureates create a work of distinction that supposedly confer ‘the greatest benefit to mankind’? If so the members of the Nobel Prize Committee must be endowed with godly wisdom so as to decide what constitutes the ‘greatest work’.

  Are they? May be! But here are some of the famous cases dug up from history that suggest otherwise. The Nobel judges or members of the Selection Committee of the Nobel Prizes are mere mortals filled with high-flying vanities, prejudices, petty rivalries, frailties all mixed up with intelligence, honesty wisdom and courage.

  Alfred Bernhard Nobel {1833-1896} might have unintentionally [or deliberately?] omitted in his will the yardsticks to measure what constitutes ‘the greatest work’ and who that ‘most deserving’ is. Nobel’s will says, ‘No consideration whatsoever shall be paid to nationality of the candidate… the most deserving be awarded the Prize’!

Albert Einstein {1879-1955}
  In 1905, Albert Einstein was working in Bern, Switzerland as a patent clerk. While working here he published his most famous four research papers, which include his “Special Theory of Relativity” that contain the now famous equation e=mc2, which threw open the floodgates to the mysteries of this Universe hitherto unknown to the world.

  Today Einstein’s Theories find its applications in lasers, DVD players, television, and devices like remote control, automatic door openers and so on. In 1999, TIME magazine chose him as the “Person of the Century”. His theories left the world with infinite knowledge to explore further and unravel the mysteries of this universe.

How Einstein was belittled by the Nobel Committee
  Albert Einstein, the most eminent iconic scientist was reportedly denied the Prize in 1915. He was kept at abeyance for 7 long years before he was finally awarded the Prize in 1921 which he received it in the following year 1922. This Nobel Prize too was not for his greatest find ‘Theory of Relativity’ but for his work on photoelectric effect. 

  The Royal Swedish Academy that picks up laureates for physics and chemistry had degraded itself by not honoring Einstein in person. To this Dr Einstein says, “I was informed that I had received the Nobel Prize by a telegram... the Prize was not personally handed to me, I was instead, invited to attend a Swedish Scientific Congress at Goeteborg [sic] where I delivered an address…” What a pity !

Philipp Lenard – 1862 - 1947
  Such belittlement of Einstein is mainly due to the anti-Semitism of one prominent German physicist Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard {1862-1947; 1905: Cathode Rays}, allegedly influenced the Nobel Committee by arguing that the Theory of Relativity was not actually a discovery, and never been proved and hence valueless. The Nobel Committee on Physics then got scared and excused itself on the ground that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was beyond comprehension and that they cannot run the risk of learning later that it was invalid.

  So much so for their intellect, they cannot comprehend!

  Anyone could have explained what relativity is. If you sit with a nice girl for an hour, you feel only a minute has passed. If you sit on a hot stove for a minute you feel an hour has passed. This is Relativity. As simple as that.

  Besides, there is another story to it. They are simply hiding their anti-Semitism behind feigned ignorance. There is circumstantial evidence to it. During World War I, the German government was very much reeling with anxiety to muster support for its actions in the war. So it prepared a suitable manifesto and asked all the leading distinguished eminent intellectuals and scientists to sign it. Eighty-three of them signed including Nobel laureates like Roentgen, Planck, and Wagner. But Einstein, the ever pacifist refused and rejected the manifesto with disgust it deserved. This, people believe, might have rankled in the minds of Nobel Judges.

Sven Anders Hedin – 1865-1952
The Three Nobel Judges who Ruled Nobel Prizes 
  Sven Hedin, Carl David af Wirsen and Dr Osterling were only an example how Nobel Judges are swayed by petty whims and fancies of their mind rather than the merits and demerits of work concerned. 

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics
  The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics was jointly awarded to Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt Adam G. Riess "for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae". The Prize has been shared with one half going to Saul Perlmutter and the other half jointly to Brian P. Schmidt and Adam G. Riess. All the three scientists hail from United States of America.

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