Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doctor - A Dedicated Profession

  Who is a doctor? What does a doctor do? What is the role of a doctor in the society? How noble is doctor's profession?

The Doctor at Work   
   A doctor is a person who diagnoses the illness in a patient and prescribes medicines to heal and cure them. The doctors help humankind; and their services are very much required to the society. The doctor profession is the noblest of all because they save the lives of people and thus are treated like gods in the society.

  The role of doctor is to save the patient from dying or illness. The doctor should treat his patients like a mother treats her children. Patients should be handled with love and care. Every doctor has to take an oath to work for 24 hours and seven days a week. And that they shall treat their patients with love and care.

  If a person wants to become a medical doctor, he had to be very caring and should possess great patience. The doctors should advice and instruct patients about how to get well soon.
  My two uncles are also doctors; one is an Anesthetist and other a Surgeon. Both are committed to their profession. Every day they start their work early in the morning and finish it very late in the nights. They get many emergency calls late in the nights. They take utmost care for their patients. My uncles are my inspiration.

Dreaming Big
  My ambition is also to become a doctor. I want to save the lives of people suffering from various diseases, especially babies. Babies are cute, sweet and god-like and I wanted to see all babies hale and healthy. So I like to become a pediatrician, who specializes in treating children.

  Yes, I for myself feel there is more happiness and joy in serving babies, especially sick babies and curing them of their illnesses.

  But please, you all have to wait ten more years to avail medical care for your babies from me.

S Srija Mili
VII, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, {Bhavans}
Hyderabad – 500 062


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