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Cosmic Effect on Living Spaces – The Vaastu Way

  What exactly is Vaastu? Is Vaastushastra a science or just a mythical text? Has Vaastu stood the test of scientific efficacy? How deep is its impact on human lives? What if dwelling places are not built according to Vaastu?

  Vaastushastra is an ancient science that has laid down in architectural forms the principles of building a structure, be it a dwelling place or a palace or a temple or a fort or even a one-room tenement. It is widely believed that any structure deemed to be a living space should obtain the ambience of peace, joy and harmony. To construct or obtain such an edifice one ought to go by the principles of Vaastushastra, so argue the believers and experts in Vaastushastra.

What exactly is Vaastushastra?
  It is strongly believed that energy fields govern the earth, water, fire, air and space – the five elements or Panchabhutas. These energy fields permeating the five elements is said to flow through structures or edifices or dwelling places in a positive or negative manner obtaining either harmonious or turbulent conditions leaving an impact on the lives of those who use it. And Vaastushastra is nothing but integrating these energy fields in a congruous and symmetrical manner to generate a positive and a harmonious ambience in a living space.

Lord Vishwakarma
  Vaastushastra isn’t just channelizing energy fields in a structure or a dwelling place but itself a science in existence since Vedic times or since the five elements has come into being. Vishwakarma, the celestial architect and the foremost builder for all the Hindu Gods is said to have perfected this art into a science.

  Vaastu is derived from a Sanskrit verb called “Vasati” which means, “to dwell”. In order to channelize the energy fields in structures or dwelling places in a positive and a harmonious manner Vaastushastra has laid down the principles of architecture for constructing living spaces. In fact, Vaastu has become the basic principles of geometry in constructing living spaces. And these principles of geometry are represented symbolically by Vaastu Purush.

Vaastu Purush
  But then, do magnetic fields really govern our lives for good or worse? Does a building constructed not conforming to the Vaastushastra really play havoc with our lives? Has this Vaastushastra stood the test of efficacy scientifically? It is still a moot point. The debate is raging on.

  Yet the skeptics and non-believers who questioned its very basis are happily following the very basic tenets of Vaastu in constructing their living spaces. Even in this technologically advanced world the popularity of Vaastushastra is soaring to great heights. Do People really feel the impact and its cosmic effect on living spaces?

  The energy fields activated by the five elements may not be consciously felt by us. But they do seem to pass in us impacting our lives having a direct effect on our health and happiness; because our body too possesses the microcosm of energy – the seven energy centers or chakras Kundalini at the base to Sahasrara to the top of the head. Further, the energy within us blends with the energy emanating from the Panchabhutas – the macrocosm of the universe. This is how the macrocosm of the universe is blended into the microcosm of man creating a direct impact on our lives either positively or negatively.

  Similarly, each building space and built structure has a potential time, space and elemental configuration that has its own dynamism and must be planned to create a harmonious and positive energy field. Yes, Vaastushastra deal with energy and elemental forces that underlie all things. But has this science of Vaastu stood the test of scientific efficacy? What do the researchers say?

  But what about the rituals and rites performed to appease the elemental forces when a living space is not in conformation to the Vaastu principles? Does not the unvaastuly built living spaces portend evil to the residents? Can the rituals and rites performed thus diminish the impact of such ominous negative forces?

  In a fast developing city where haphazard urbanization is taking place and where multi-storeyed apartments are built by dozen a day how far is it possible to build living structures adhering to Vaastushastra principles?

  If rituals and rites can control the negative forces generated by unvaastuly built living spaces where is the need at all to go in for Vaastushastra? Isn’t an irony?

  Well whatever the pros and cons, we only need living spaces where we could be able to live in peace and happiness in complete harmony with natural forces. If Vaastushastra help achieve this goal… well it’s fine.

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